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PBP Company Clothing Gets Donated Around The World.

The average American throws away 54 pounds of clothing and shoes per year. Nine million TONS of wearables enter the waste stream (a 27% increase from eight years ago). The vast majority (99%) of that waste could have been recycled. That is why PBP took responsibility in making the decision to donate all of the companies clothing inventory with the original logo. PBP will be donating to World Vision. The International Christian Humanitarian aid group collects items at their distribution center in Pittsburgh, then ships it overseas to people living in disaster areas and impoverished nations. They receive, sort, ship, and distribute critically needed products directly to children and families through development programs in nearly 100 countries, including the United States, Bosnia, El Salvador, Mongolia, Zambia, Armenia, Nicaragua, Romania, Uganda, Burundi, Mali, and Rwanda. “World Vision is motivated by faith in Jesus Christ, and serve’s alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people.”

Fun fact about World Vision:

Every year, before the Super Bowl, NFL merchandisers print up around 200,000 t-shirts, hoodies and caps declaring both sides’ champions. This is done so fans at the close of the game can immediately buy the winners’ gear. Based on strong sales after the Chicago Bears’ 2007 NFC Championship win, Sports Authority printed more than 15,000 shirts proclaiming a Bears Super Bowl victory well before the game even started. And then the Colts beat the Bears, 29-17. That’s a lot of misprinted shirts that can’t hit store shelves and seem like fine candidates for the incinerator. And for a long time, that’s where they went, with all four major American pro sports leagues — MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL — requiring the destruction of incorrect post-season apparel. Fortunately, the leagues have changed the way they do things and now all four – plus manufacturers and retailers like Reebok, Sports Authority, Dick’s and Modell’s give the gear to World Vision, which saves the merchandise from certain doom and puts it to good use.

PBP is proud to serve such a great organization. Please check out their website here: