The foundation of our success has been from our employees staying “Focused On Service”, therefore, the company has adopted this as it’s new tagline. This is a constant reminder of what we have accomplished and must continue to do everyday. The letters PBP in our logo bear the original dark blue color tones, which honors the beginning of our roots. Within the letters of PBP, a gold building can be seen representing the company’s place in the marketplace as a facility services provider. PBP’s logo continues to bear its trademarked propeller but now shows three props, changing colors from the dark blue as the past, a new blue as the present, and lighter blue representing the future of the company. The most important concept in our new look and one that we are most proud of is the center. If you look closely, one can see three figures. These three figures signify The Customer, Our Employees, and The Company. All three connected, working together as a team for one purpose.

This is an exciting time in our company’s history, in the upcoming months you will continue to see the new look on uniforms, vehicles, literature, etc. We hope that every time you see our new logo, it will have new meaning for you.

PBP would like to close by saying thank you to our customers and most importantly our employees for your hard work and dedication. We ask that you continue to provide our customers with world-class service that they have become accustomed to and always stay “Focused On Service”.